The building of a new existence or the slow destruction of all: we decide.

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America is in the throes of a reckoning — a judgement of its values and how it perceives its future. The violent scenes at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 laid bare an anger and injustice nursed by a not insignificant portion of the US population. The cause of this anger and perceived injustice has been laid squarely at the feet of the man whom that population worships. …

It’s not the dirty word you think it is.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez broke C-SPAN Twitter video records with her reprimand of Rep. Ted Yoho, after he called her a “fucking bitch”. Her powerful words came not in response to what the Congressman said — as she made clear, those words were nothing new to her — but rather his failure to apologize, referring instead to “his passion” for his God and country.

Rep. Ted Yoho made a mistake repeated by us all. He said words for which he has no real understanding. …

The Lifting of the Veil

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The word Apocalypse is derived from the Greek apokálypsis, meaning “uncovering, disclosure, revelation.” This is in stark contrast to our contemporary use of the word as some mass destruction of the world. We can thank Hollywood and religion for that perception. Or perhaps it’s something that’s just embedded in our human psyche, a belief that in imagining the worst we are somehow better prepared for it.

Alas, the worst has arrived. We are under threat and we are not sure what from….a virus? self destruction? That a “revelation” has come, in our minds, to be…

The Eastern Philosophy We All Need To Get A Grip Of Now.

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In Indian philosophy, Maya is illusion. Ultimately, it represents our individual and collective illusion that we are in any way separate from the Force from which we are created (call that Force what you may). Think of the gods performing magic, making us believe in things that turn out to be an illusion. By accepting everything as an illusion, we become attached to nothing. And by being attached to nothing, we begin to understand that we ourselves are nothing….yet …

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A pandemic has shifted the ground beneath our feet. Yet the heavens above us remain the same. The cycles of the planets are constantly repeating themselves. Even as our world undergoes rapid changes in climate, population, politics and religion…and presently health — the phases of the moon, the solstices and the equinoxes remind us of the constancy of the movements in our solar system. And as it turns out, those movements have a story to tell.

The trajectory of the planets has guided humanity for millennia. Vedic astrology is recorded in the Rig Veda, considered to be at least 5,000…

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I’m an introverted germophobe. In case you haven’t already worked it out, that character trait combination is the best defense against a pandemic.

You will almost certainly know an introvert or two — the ones who are secretly in glee about now not having to meet for lunch. You’re understanding that while being a social butterfly may have its merits when things are good, gallivanting is not such a great idea when there’s a virus out to invade your lungs.

In case your interaction with germophobes is restricted to Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory, here’s a list of the…

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Authority. We’re conditioned to respect it, honor it, believe it. Parents, teachers and doctors are the authority figures that we are probably most conditioned to not question. Particularly doctors. Illness makes us vulnerable in ways other life situations don’t. Serious illness robs us of any semblance of personal power that we may have. And so, we look to someone, something, anyone and anything that promises to give us back some control of our body and health. It is rare indeed for someone receiving an unwelcome health diagnosis to eventually consult their own mind and body for any answers.

Because, science…

Cuded Art & Design

The Miriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word remember as “to bring to mind or think of again.” There’s a problem with this. The Dictionary’s first definition of the word member is “a body part or organ”. We understand this in our use of the word dismember, so why not in our use of the word remember?

If we think of the act of remembering as bringing back to us a piece of ourselves that we have lost, then we can easily move away from the notion that remembering happens only in our minds. We fully understand why certain memories can make…

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When I was just 11, my mother had major surgery for a life-threatening illness. As my father ushered my siblings and I into the nursing home room, we saw our mother attached to a myriad of tubes. Our young minds tried to take in what was happening. My youngest brother began to cry. I wished she would die.

In April of this year, my mother suffered a stroke. As I walked into her hospital room, I noticed the one IV tube inserted into her arm. She looked fine. The shock was her inability to focus, to speak coherently, to demonstrate…

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By Nandini Gosine-Mayrhoo

“Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done.” Robert A. Heinlein

“Always go beyond the mind’s limitations. If you do what your mind says you can, you will not end up doing anything.” ISKCON Desire Tree

As I ponder the diversity of Hinduism, which allows us the ability to seek divine grace through a myriad of deities (my personal preference for the great yogi Lord Shiva may contrast with your affection for the playful innocence of Lord Krishna or the gentle beauty of Mother Lakshmi), I note that there is one underlying belief that unites us as…

Nandini Gosine-Mayrhoo

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