Astrological Cycles Are Our Only Constant

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A pandemic has shifted the ground beneath our feet. Yet the heavens above us remain the same. The cycles of the planets are constantly repeating themselves. Even as our world undergoes rapid changes in climate, population, politics and religion…and presently health — the phases of the moon, the solstices and the equinoxes remind us of the constancy of the movements in our solar system. And as it turns out, those movements have a story to tell.

The trajectory of the planets has guided humanity for millennia. Vedic astrology is recorded in the Rig Veda, considered to be at least 5,000 years old and by some experts to date as far back as 10,000 years ago. Archaeologists record how our ancestors mapped the heavens, using the movement of planets to plan crops, migration and other important details of their lives. Ancient Egyptians believed that solar movements predicted environmental events like famine and floods. The Sumerian and Babylonian cultures possessed advanced systems of astronomy.

It seems therefore that what we now term separately as astronomy and astrology, were at an earlier time, one and the same. While astronomy remains an accepted science, astrology is deemed to have no scientific basis.

But consider this. Astrologers have for at least the past year, been speaking of a Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn which occurred on January 12th of this year. Astrologers knew that something big was coming. Why? Because the last time that this conjunction occurred, in January 1518, Martin Luther had just a few months prior exposed the rampant corruption in the Catholic Church through his doctrine 95 Theses. Martin Luther’s doctrine is considered as having sparked the massive Protestant Reformation of Christianity.

Pluto is considered to be the great revealer…uncovering buried power or core truths. It is seen as the planet of creative destruction. Saturn meanwhile, represents authority, hierarchy and structures like government and rules. Saturn teaches us responsibility through experience, with hard lessons that lead to empowerment. Each planet rules a zodiac sign and Saturn rules Capricorn, which itself represents big corporations, economy and government. As the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn is most comfortable there, and therefore wields its greatest effect when in that sign.

Hindsight affords us the luxury of correlating the start of the Reformation with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn which occurred in 1518. The power of the Catholic Church was challenged and the repercussions could not have been foretold by Martin Luther himself. Millennia later, the Reformation is seen as having birthed free speech, limited government and even democracy.

Martin Luther’s 95 Theses reached the masses through the advent of the printing press at that time. The people were given an opportunity to have a voice. In astrological terms, it could be said that Pluto revealed and introduced a creative destruction of the power structure represented by Saturn. In turn, Saturn taught the lessons to enable the building of new structures in Christianity through the empowerment of the people previously ruled by the Catholic Church. As noted, the effects rippled far beyond religion.

So here we are in 2020, with a Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn in the very first month of the year. Astrologers knew that something massive was on its way. What they could predict was that government, corporations and banking institutions (i.e. our structure) would be challenged…if not upended. On a more personal level, what astrologers can do is determine in what respect the conjunction most affects each of us, through analysis of our natal charts (a natal chart is a map of where the planets were in relation to the Sun at the time of our birth).

I’m fortunate to know a very good astrologer who I’ve been following for some time. Always one to be fascinated by the moon, I was captivated by her analysis of the phases of the moon as it moved through the zodiac, and how those movements translate into and affects our daily lives. (If you accept that the moon affects the tides, then it’s no stretch of the imagination to accept that the moon affects our bodies, made up of at least 50% water.) Referring to my natal chart, she saw that the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn would most affect me in the areas of health and home. In November last year my husband became seriously ill. Our lives will never be the same. Knowing that Saturn is the great teacher of responsibility and maturity, I am aware that this is an important — if not easy — part of my life, within which I will be transformed for the better.

But back to the affairs of the world. While the Saturn-Pluto conjunction occurred in January, and the ramifications of that are intense enough, Jupiter joined the party on April 4, in a conjunction with Pluto. In fact, this conjunction will occur three times in 2020, in April, June and November. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and it will therefore intensify the creative destruction that comes with Pluto. In fact, there are several instances of pandemics in history during a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction.

What is obvious is that humanity must adapt to a new paradigm.

The world has survived plagues and financial meltdowns before and will do so again. However, at each time in our history that these events occurred, we have been at different stages of our personal and spiritual evolution. What is important now is that we adapt to a new paradigm with every tool that is available to us. Rather than hanker for a return to what we considered “normal”, we need to prepare for a new way of existence. At this time in our collective evolution, in an age of nuclear weapons, bioterrorism and reliance on fossil fuels at the expense of the earth, perhaps we need a collective wake-up call to change course.

If we can accept that some ways of living must change to usher in a better way, then we can remain optimistic about what 2020 will teach humanity. If the hoarding of basic household goods has revealed an ugly side to our nature, the long overdue appreciation of healthcare staff, delivery drivers, grocery workers and farmers who have served our needs at personal risk, is a welcome shift in our collective perspective. We are beginning to understand the world through our hearts, rather than our heads. Social media is the printing press of our time, making us very aware of what needs to change in our world.

There must be a better way to do business.

Nowhere is a requirement for new vision needed more now than in how we conduct business. Remember Capricorn rules the economy and with Pluto (creative destruction) and Saturn (hard lessons leading to empowerment) in Capricorn, it may be wise to rethink our approach to what we value as economic success.

Perhaps a model of continuous growth and ever increasing profits, based on exploitation of the earth, exploitation of workers and exploitation of animals, needs to be overhauled. Now that we understand that it is not celebrities, lawyers or banking executives who keep us alive during a pandemic, how do we create an acceptable living wage for all workers?

Now that we understand that viruses can easily transfer from the animal kingdom to humans, how do we transform our interactions with animals?

Now that we have experienced empty grocery shelves, is it time that we replace our chemical ridden lawns with organic kitchen gardens?

Now that each of us is at risk of contracting a fatal virus, will we implement systems that provide access to healthcare as a basic human right rather than a privilege?

Now that we know the earth is doing just fine without our pollution, is it time that we stopped treating it as our servant?

The effects of COVID 19 reach far beyond the tragic death toll. Jobs are being lost in alarming numbers. Even if we are fortunate enough to retain an income, the future is anything but certain. When I worked in Wholesale Banking in London, we naively thought that the sub-prime mortgage crisis which began in the US in 2007, would not extend to Europe. Even experienced bankers did not understand the interconnection between the large financial institutions across the world, through their investments in securities backed by sub-prime mortgages. I wonder now at what was happening in the skies above us prior to the financial meltdown (yes, Saturn was involved). I wonder whether we would have been better prepared, or even minimized the effects, if the financial sector paid attention to astrology. Realistically, I know the answer is “no”, as the testosterone in the finance industry would have had no time for such nonsense.

The only safe assumption we can make now is that the effects of the coronavirus are only just beginning to be felt. Just a basic understanding of the planetary movements dictating these world events, removes any doubt that we are in this for the long haul.

There are big changes ahead and business leaders now need a new rule book. Bearing in mind that farmers plant their crops in accordance with the phases of the moon, would it be helpful for business leaders to make important decisions in line with how the planets are affecting their business? After all, the seeding and growth of a business is in reality no different to the seeding and planting of a crop. Just as we each have a natal chart based on our time of birth, a business will have a chart based on its time of inception.

During my career in Wholesale Banking, we employed a “helicopter view”, “blue sky thinking” and “thinking outside the box” when dreaming up new ideas. Rather than being bored at home (and recognizing our good fortune in having that luxury), perhaps we need to be engaging in some blue sky thinking about what we want our future to be.

Would it benefit business owners to understand how and why their business decisions should be based on their personal and business astrology charts? Would it be helpful for employees and employers to understand how their individual zodiacal traits align (or not) with a particular business and indeed, with other employees? Could this be one facet in an overall better way of doing things? It would take a brave business leader to introduce these changes. I suspect it will be estrogen driven. But perhaps not. If the coronavirus teaches us that we need to drastically shift our thinking, then maybe every business leader will begin to think from the heart…….and consult an astrologer.

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