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I’m an introverted germophobe. In case you haven’t already worked it out, that character trait combination is the best defense against a pandemic.

You will almost certainly know an introvert or two — the ones who are secretly in glee about now not having to meet for lunch. You’re understanding that while being a social butterfly may have its merits when things are good, gallivanting is not such a great idea when there’s a virus out to invade your lungs.

In case your interaction with germophobes is restricted to Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory, here’s a list of the things that are normal for me, yet seem so strange to you:

  • Please don’t touch my hair; if you do, I will have to wash it.

I trust that by now it’s clear why I haven’t had to make huge adjustments in coping with the pandemic. Being strange has its benefits. Try it sometime.

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